A Performer’s Perspective

Dance Performance, Research

I am so excited to share this project, which has been in the works for more than a year! This summer we plan to launch an interactive documentary that transmits the perspectives of three performers in Judith Garay’s multimedia dance work, The Fine Line ~ twisted angels.  

I have recently completed a video documentary that discusses more about our process of data collection for this project.

Dance Current Magazine Special Feature on Interdisciplinary

Dance Performance, Magazine

Check out the The Dance Current July/August 2016 issue on interdisciplinary collaboration. I feel honored to be quoted in Kallee Lins’ article, “(Re)Active Bodies,” discussing my experience collaborating at SFU in the MovingStories project.  Also featured in the article are 2 dance photos by Reese Muntean. The photo was taken for an interdisciplinary project exploring AI, poetry, and dance with Professor Steve DiPaola.